Save up to £600 every year by ditching TV subscriptions and join the growing trend of cordcutting

Cordcutting is a term that originated in the US and refers to the trend of cutting pricey TV cable or satellite subscription services in favour of watching Freeview live TV, and supplementing that content by watching free and paid films and TV shows over the internet, via a PC, Smart TV or dedicated box that adds smart functionality to your TV.

According to a survey taken by about half of people subscribe to a paid TV package (eg. Sky or Virgin Media) – however a growing number are ditching the packages, with 20% cancelling their TV package within the past 18 months.

About 78% of people already subscribe to a low-cost streaming media service such as Netflix or SKY GO, and the rise of Smart TVs and Internet connected TV boxes mean that more and more people are able to take advantage of the money-saving trend.

Average SKY TV subscriptions are around £600 per year – and since 2008, the average cost of a SKY TV package has risen 76% and Virgin TV has risen 63% – but quality content can be lost in the noise. The beauty of cutting the cord is that a huge amount of the most popular content is available for free – and if something isn’t available for free, you can save literally hundreds a year by just paying for what you want. In a recent survey the second most popular reason for people not wanting to pay content, is that it is bundled in with other content they don’t want!


You can find out more about how to cut the cord and save hundreds a year by seeing what devices and services are available at

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