Amazon Instant Video (Prime)

Anyone paying £79 per year for Amazon Prime get Amazon Prime Instant Video included at no extra cost. You can also sign up just for just Amazon Instant Video for £6.99 per month


Amazon Instant Video has a good selection of films and TV shows included in the package, and you can rent or buy additional films if they’re not included. The best bit about Amazon Instant Video is that it’s included in the Amazon Prime deal, which also offers free Next Day delivery and access to Amazon’s streaming Music Library. The worst part is Amazon is quite picky about what devices have Amazon Instant Video on. If you don’t have a Fire TV box or Stick, you’re going to struggle to get the service. There are ways around it, but you want a native app to really get the full experience.

Luckily, Amazon’s Fire TV boxes and sticks are actually brilliant for the money. You get all the UK apps like iPlayer and All 4, but no Kodi or NOW TV.

If you’re already a Prime customer, or you’re thinking of becoming one, the FIRE TV boxes are a great option for UK cordcutters.

The following devices support Amazon Instant

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