Now TV is a non-contract Video on Demand service powered by Sky TV. Get Sky Movies, Sky Sports and Sky Entertainment on your TV at home.

NOW TV is one of the more expensive subscription packages available in the UK if you want to have access to TV, Movies AND Sport, but it does offer some of the newest and hottest TV shows – the kind of shows people talk about at work and give you funny looks if you’ve not watched them. You also get some live channels, notably Sky Atlantic, Discovery, Sky 1, MTV and Comedy Central that you just can’t find on Freeview with the £6.99 Entertainment package as a bit of a bonus, but the real draw here is the collection of TV Shows Sky refers to as ‘Box Sets’. There’s a real focus on quality here, most of the big American dramas are available to stream instantly.


Movies and Sports packages are separate, and each comes with a 30 day contract. That can be seen as a plus, as you could only subscribe to the Sports package during the football season, or only sign up to the Entertainment package when your favourite show is airing. Sky claim to get top movies first, and they do have a good crop of films available about the same time as the DVD/Blu ray is released, but you might be better suited just purchasing the specific movies you want to watch on Amazon Instant or Google Play rather than subscribing to an extra Movie service.

All in all, NOW TV is a good option for UK Cordcutters. It might not have the depth of content Netflix has, but it has some top quality content that you can’t find on other services.


The following devices support NOW TV

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