Best Wireless Keyboards With Trackpads for Cordcutting Devices

1 – Rii Mini Wireless – £7.99


So you want a keyboard that fits in nicely with your other remote controls – then this is the keyboard for you! The keys and touchpad controls are all built into a form factor that resembles a standard remote control. It may take a little while for you to get used to the smaller keys, but it’s certainly easier than using an on-screen keyboard.

The tocuhpad is rotated 90 degrees for the oriantation you’d expect next to the keyboard, and this is so you can control the keyboard with your thumb while holding the remote as you would any other remote control. Its a good feature as you’ll need to move the mouse on its own and click more often than you’ll need the keyboard and mouse at the same time, so its a smart feature to include – but again it takes some getting used to.



2 – Rii Ultra Slim K12+ – £21.99


This beautiful QWERTY keyboard and touchpad combo is designed for use with media centres, and has some special function keys built in – Copy, Paste, Play, Pause and Volume Controls.  

The quality of the keyboard is fantastic. The keys and trackpad are a smart, matt-black design, with clear keys and symbols and a sharp, modern look. The rear is brushed-alluminium (if you ever look at the back of your keyboard!) and finishes the sleek look. You might be surprised by how small the keyboard is, but the keys aren’t too small to use comfortably and they don’t wiggle or miss key presses as low-quality keyboards often do.

Included in the box is a charging cable and there’s an on/off switch to help you save power between chargers. The keyboard also features an auto sleep for saving battery, so after you don’t use the keyboard for a while you might have to tap a key before you can type anything.

The transmission distance is 10m, so unless you have a massive living room the Rii K12+ will not cut out on you.


3 – JUSTOP Backlit Mini – £12.95


Sometimes you don’t want a fullsize keyboard of you’re not sitting at a desk. For Curdcutting devices in the Livingroom or bedroom these handheld keyboards are quite popular. The JUSTOP Backlit Mini is the best in the category. The subtle backlit keys are perfect for using is darker rooms, and the 25m transmission distance means you don’t have to worry about being too far away from your device when using the keyboard.

A charger isn’t supplied, but it just charges with a standard micro USB that you’ll almost certainly have around the house somewhere. The keyboard goes into a sleep state if not used for a short period then wakes you with a simple keypress.

The matt black surface and the backlit keys look sleek, and once you get used to the layout the keyboard is easy to use.


Top Pick – Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Plus – £26.39

We think this is the best keyboard for Cordcutting devices. It’s a full sized keyboard, but still small enough to not be intrusive in your living room. The battery life is outstanding and the keyboard never cuts out or fails to connect. Logitech claims 10 months of battery life, and based on having on in my living room for the past year without ever turning it off I’d say that’s an accurate estimate.wireless-touch-keyboard-k400-plus-1

The keyboard is designed for home media users, so Logitech have been included some media hoykeys that work well with Android and Media PCs such as Home, Copy, Paste, Play/Pause and of course volume keys.

The keyboard sits comfortably in your hands, or lap or coffee table when you’re using it. They keyboard tilts slightly towards you and the keys don’t wobble or miss key presses. They can be a little stiff when you start using the keyboard, but they soon loosen up.

Logitech have also gone out of their way to make sure the keyboard works in basically every device you can plug a USB into. If you’re unsure if you’re Android box or even Smart TV will support a keyboard, it’s a fair bet that this keyboard will work


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