How to install Amazon Prime Video on Android TV

**** UPDATE 2017 ****

Seems like this app has been taken down due to a request from Amazon. The good news is the Nvidia Shieldnow supports Amazon Prime right out of the box. If you’re using another Android TV model, it doesn’t look like there’s currently a way to load Amazon Prime Video, but if we find a good method we’ll let you know.





Amazon and Android don’t get along. In an ideal world, these tech giants would let the public access their services on any device, especially since the Fire TV range uses a version of Android and Apps made for one should have no problem running on the other. Alas, Amazon wants to keep its video streaming service locked down to its FIRE devices and a few choice partners.

Luckily, user will.blaschko over at the XDA forms has put together a brilliant work around to let you get your Amazon Instant videos on your Android TV device. Thank god for the army of developers helping Cord Cutters get their fix!

Installation Steps

BEFORE STARTING: Uninstall any other Amazon apps installed on your Android TV! If not, you’ll get some errors when trying to playback.

Step 1

Download the Prime Video Launcher and Amazon VOD .apk files. You’ll need to sideload these to your Android TV. If you already know how to sideload, then Install Prime Video Launcher first then Amazon VOD and skip to step 2.

If you’re new to this sideloading business, we’ll walk you through it!

Sideload Instructions:

Download the .apk files you need .( .apk files are just Android app installation files). You have two options to get these files on your Android TV

Option 1: Download the .apk files directly to your Android TV via your Browser

Option 2: Download the .apk files to your PC, put the .apk files on a USB or MicroSD then plug the USB or MicroSD into your Android TV

Use ESFile Explorer, available on the Play Store, (or any Android File Explorer) to navigate to the storage or download folder where the .apk files are located

Open the .apk files – you should get a message from ES File Explorer asking you to Cancel, go to Market or Install the .apk. Click install. Then you’ll get a message from Android with a message asking you to Cancel or Install. Hit Install again.

If prompted, Enable Unknown Sources in your settings.

The app should install! Once you’ve installed Prime Video Launcher do the exactly save thing to install Amazon VOD.

Step 2

Head back to your main screen, scroll down to “Settings’, go to “Apps”, and scroll across and select Prime Video Launcher, then press ‘Open.

You may need to update the video player. If you get errors, uninstall the Amazon VOD app you installed before (Find the app in Settings > Apps > Amazon Video > Uninstall), then re-start Prime Video Launcher and follow the prompts update directly from the App.

Then select a video to watch (any video will do at this point)

Step 3

Finally, log into Amazon (The developer offers this tip: the back arrow will close the keyboard and allow you to navigate between fields (this step is a real pain, but this login screen is the easiest available). If possible, this is where you’ll want a keyboard and mouse.)

The app should be available on your main screen, and everything should work from here! Any problems let us know in the comments below, or check out the original thread on the xda forums.

Don’t forget you need an Amazon Prime account to access these videos. Not got Prime? Sign up for a FREE trail here

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6 thoughts on “How to install Amazon Prime Video on Android TV

  1. Hi
    I have sideloaded the apps and they run fine.
    However the VOD app does not seem to support the India based prime accounts. It says that the service is not available in your region.
    Is there any workaround for this issue?

    Thanks in advance

    1. I can’t help you I’m afraid, this site is for UK cordcutters and I don’t know the service works in other regions.

      What Android TV device do you have?

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