How To Install Unsupported Apps to Android TV

The Android TV app library is a little lacklustre. All your basics are there, but sometimes you want EVEN MORE apps. There’s a really simple way to do this, and all you need is a laptop or desktop to access the Google Play Store.
Just login with your Google Account, search for the app you want then click ‘install’. A drop down will appear, and you just need to select your Google TV device, then click ‘Install’ again.



Some apps won’t be supported, and your Google TV device will be greyed out. All is not lost however, you just need to track down the .apk file online. Just Google whatever app your looking for, followed by .apk. If I wanted to install TuneIn Radio, but it didn’t look like the app was supported on my device, I’d just Google ‘TuneIn .apk’ and download the most recent version from a trusted website like Then you can ‘sideload’ the app.

Sideload Instructions:

Download the .apk files you need .( .apk files are just Android app installation files). You have two options to get these files on your Android TV

Option 1: Download the .apk files directly to your Android TV via your Browser
Option 2: Download the .apk files to your PC, put the .apk files on a USB or MicroSD then plug the USB or MicroSD into your Android TV

Use ESFile Explorer, available on the Play Store, (or any Android File Explorer) to navigate to the storage or download folder where the .apk files are located

Open the .apk files – you should get a message from ES File Explorer asking you to Cancel, go to Market or Install the .apk. Click install. Then you’ll get a message from Android with a message asking you to Cancel or Install.

Hit Install again.

If prompted, Enable Unknown Sources in your settings.


That’s it! Any issues, post in the comments and we’ll get back to you.

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