How to make your Android box better than ever

So, you’ve purchased an Android box to hook up to your TV and add some Apps and Games. These Android Boxes are running a normal version of Android, rather than a version designed for TV interfaces. Its best to think of the Amazon box software as software designed for a tablet, so without the touch interface some apps will be difficult to control. Use these tips to improve the interface and get the most out of your box


Get a keyboard/mouse combo


Usually you get some kind of remote control bundled with Android boxes, and they work great for apps like Kodi that are designed for the TV – but some apps will be designed for a touch interface, and won’t work that well with a remote. Luckily, you can control Android brilliantly with a keyboard and mouse. The Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard series have a touchpad built into the keyboard, and are simply plug-and-play. The mouse cursor appears when you move your finger on the touchpad and you can have much more control over the device.


Install HAL Launcher


Some Android boxes come with brilliant home-screen replacement launchers perfectly designed for use with a remote. Some, however, leave something to be desired. However, one of the benefits of Android is that you can ditch the bits you don’t like and replace them with stuff you do! HAL Launcher is a home-screen replacement designed for TVs. All your remote-friendly apps will be sorted together for you, and you can still access all apps right from the home screen.

The app looks a little bit like the official Android TV app, and has a lot of customisation built in so you can group your apps together how you want.


Perform a factory reset


The seller of the box might think he or she knows what’s best for you. They may think they know what apps and games you’d find useful, and they may think they know what addons you want. So they installed them all for you! How nice of them

However, you might want to take control of the box yourself and find all the pre-installed apps and games just slow the box right down. That’s when it’s time to wipe the whole thing and start from scratch, installing only the apps you want.

  1. Open the Settings menu .
  2. Under “Personal”, touch Backup & reset.
  3. Under “Personal data”, touch Factory data reset.
  4. Read the information on the screen and touch Reset.
  5. When prompted, touch Delete everything to delete all data from your device’s internal storage.
  6. When your device has finished erasing, select the option to reboot your device.


These are the default steps to do this, but the exact method may vary for different devices. Consult your instructions or Google to find spesfic settings for your device.


Update the box firmware


Usually Android devices prompt you when there is an update available, but sometimes not. You may be running old firmware, which could slow down your device or limit functionality. Don’t worry: updating is easy.

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. Select ‘About Device’
  3. Select ‘Updates’
  4. Select ‘Check for Updates’
  5. Follow any prompts and re-start your device.


Install a totally new operating system


This last option is only for people comfortable with technology and who know what they’re doing. But, depending on how popular your Android box is, someone may have designed new custom software for it – maybe based on a newer, better Android version, or maybe removing unneeded parts of the OS that’s slowing the device down.

Just search for your device name followed by ‘Custom ROM’ or check the XDA Forums for instructions. Not every device will have ROM options, but if you can find one it could give your box a new lease of life.

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