Sony TV Amazon App Available for Android TV

We’ve shown you before a work-around to get Amazon Instant Video working on your Android TV. Sony TVs have an official app for this, but until recently the APK didn’t work on Android TVs – but as of now there is a official version that works

Download the APK here


You just need to sideload the app onto your device (see our guide here to learn more) and log in with your Amazon account. I’m sure this goes without saying, but you need a Prime account in order to stream videos. 

The app doesn’t populate Android TVs ‘Recommendations’ box, and the voice search doesn’t currently work, so you may prefer to use the Prime Video Launcher we showed you how to install a few weeks ago. However, this official app lets you stream in 1080 rather than 720, so there are advantages to both methods.

Its also worth noting that the Sony TV Amazon app has been ported to Android TV before, and then stopped working so this may not last for ever. The good news is we got both Prime Video Launcher and the Sony TV Amazon app working on our Nvidia Shield TV so you can have your cake and eat it too.

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