Amazon Fire TV 4K Review


Performance / Speed


    App Selection




        Ease of Set Up



          • Lots of Apps
          • Very Fast
          • 4K Content


          • Need a Prime Account to get Best Experence
          • Kodi Needs Side-Loading
          • Very Tied Down - Can't Customise


          Amazon products work best with Amazon Prime. It’s just how Amazons business model works! They sell great products at a fair price, but to get the most out of them you’ll need an Amazon Prime account.


          If you do have an account, Amazon basically sets a lot of the FIRE TV up for you. Your box will come pre-registered to your Amazon account, so you’ll have access to all the films and TV shows that Amazon has.

          Amazon has also used their pull to get most of the big cord cutting apps – Netflix, iPlayer, ITV Hub, My 5, All 4 and Plex. The BBC iPlayer actually works the best on Amazon FIRE compared to other devices. You can sideload Kodi onto on FIRE TV, and the good news is that starting with software version (out June 2016) sideloaded apps are now fully supported and will automatically appear on the Home screen! So there’s no need to to use any work arounds to launch Kodi.


          Set up is crazy easy, you plug the FIRE TV in, connect to your WiFi network (or just plug in an Ethernet cable), log into your Amazon account and you’re good to go. Lots of apps come preinstalled, but its easy to add any missing.

          The included remote is very easy to use, you either navigate by using the circle pad and selecting by pressing the centre of the circle (which becomes second nature once you’ve used it for a while) Alternatively you can hold down the microphone button, wait for a beep and then just say what you want to watch! The FIRE TV searches the available library and you can select what you want to play. The voice commands work very well, it picks up what you say accurately and the search is very fast.

          The specs on the FIRE TV are some of the best you can get for cordcutting, and the device really flies. Many people comment on the speed of the device when using it, and its much faster and smoother than the FIRE TV stick. There’s some nice touches from Amazon like the “instant play” feature. The box learns what series you tend to watch and quietly downloads the first 10 seconds of your most likely selections as you are navigating around. This means when you press play, the video starts immediately – a subtle feature that really improves your experience.

          If you’re not used to setting up devices like this, the FIRE has Mayday support which mean you can get help from a real person at Amazom, can connect to your TV with your permission, and actually draw on screen to help resolve your problems. A great feature that’s exclusive to FIRE TVs


          Can my 4K TV get content from the FIRE TV?

          Your 4K TV MUST have the following – at least 1 HDMI 2.0 port (not HDMI 1.4) and, crucially, HDCP 2.2.

          HDCP its copyright protection for 4K . However, many older 4K TV don’t have HDCP 2.2 and it’s a requirement for you to receive 4K content from the Amazon Fire TV box.

          Before you an Amazon Fire checkout out the specifications for your TV. You can still stream HD content without these things, but to get 4K Content you need HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2

          It’s also best to you the Ethernet port rather than relying on the WiFi connection as it can usually offer a more reliable, faster connection.

          Amazon Fire 4k is available for £79.99 from Amazon, where you can also get a 30 Day FREE Prime Trial


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