Freeview Play: The Best Freeview Experience

Freeview Play is the top tier of the Freeview experience. You just need to connect both your areal and internet to the Freeview Play box and you’re good to go. It’s a real plug-and-play device, but at almost £200 for even the lowest spec box, what can Freeview Play offer?


As well as the usual live channels you get with Freeview, you can also scroll back through the EPG/TV guide to watch shows you missed upto 7 days. Its really easy to scroll back and see what you’ve missed, and its easer to stumble upon shows you might like to watch.

Not only can you scroll back to catchup n what you missed, you also have iPlayer, All4, My5 and ITV Hub apps to search specific shows or find any of the boxsets or movies available on some of the on-demand apps.


Freeview Play, like Freeview, is a subscription free service. One you get the box, or a supported TV, you won’t pay another penny. However, the box itself costs about £200 for the lowest spec box. Quite a lot to put down, especially considering you may already have access to the catch-up apps. However, there’s something about scrolling back and forth through the TV Guide that’s integral to the TV experience, and that’s lost when flicking through iPlayer or Netflix. Freeview Play’s 7 day back-in-time scroll makes it so much easier to find something to watch, as long as you like the kind of shows on British broadcast TV.

Over time we believe more TV manufacturers will begin to adopt Freeview Play as standard, replacing the current Freeview built into most boxes. If this is the future of Freeview, it’s absolutely an improvement on the current interface and offers features we’d be happy to see become standard.



This device really shines for people who aren’t are comfortable working out new technology or prefer a classic TV experience. Its so simple to use, you basically already know how to use it – and so does your whole family.

View some of the Freeview Play boxes available

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