Roku 4 Review


Performance / Speed


    App Selection




        Ease of Set Up



          • Very fast
          • Solid WiFi
          • Supports 4K Video
          • Netflix, NOW TV and Amazon


          • No Kodi
          • iPlayer Not Working
          • High Cost
          • Comes with US Plug + Adaptor


          The Roku 4 has almost 4 years to come out. The excellent Roku 3, came out in 2013 so what makes the Roku 4 worth the £199 price tag?


          A new quad-core processor is suitable for 4K – it seems like all the current generation cord cutting devices need to support 4K. The processing power leads to a much quicker and smoother experience. Apps load quicker and content streams faster. The basic software is the same as on the Roku 3 though, so if you don’t have a 4K TV it probably not worth the extra expense. However, if you want the best of the best, the Roku 4 is for you!

          Set up is an easy self-explanatory process, even if you’re not a technical person – just following the on screen prompts. You do have to set up a Roku account, but it’s quick and totally free. After the initial set up you’ll be presented with list of popular apps.

          The model currently available on is the US Roku 4 with a US power adaptor, as the Roku 4 isn’t officially available in the UK. You can access Netflix UK, Amazon Video UK and NOW TV so if you have any of the top streaming services you’ll be covered. ITV Hub, All 4, My 5 all work but currently iPlayer isn’t working. Don’t let that put you off, that will be fixed in an upcoming update. You can install Plex to get your local media, but not Kodi – so if Kodi is a must-have app you’re better off looking at an Android TV


          Rokus excellent universal search function that scans streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant, YouTube, Google Play Store for movies and shows and displays the cheapest option first.

          The Roku 4’s remote is basically identical to the Roku 3’s so if you’re familiar with  Roku’s remote, you’ll know what to expect on the Roku 4

          One of the issues with the Roku Stick is that the WiFi can occasionally be spotty, but the Roku 4 has the option to plug in directly with an Ethernet cable or use the far stronger WiFi receiver, so streaming content shouldn’t be a problem – the solid WiFi receiver coupled with the new faster processor makes content load extremely quickly on the Roku 4.

          All in all the Roku 4 is a minor improvement on the Roku 3, and costs quite a bit more. However, if you’re looking for 4K content and the smoothest Roku experience possible, the Roku 4 is a solid choice.

          Roku 4 is available on Amazon


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